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Integrated Cross-border Parcel Delivery Service
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   Integrated Cross-border Parcel Delivery Service



Integrated Cross-border Parcel Delivery





î What is PostSmart ?

PostSmart is an Integrated Cross-border Parcel Delivery Service tailor-made by Sai Cheng Logistics International, Joint Venture between Australia Post and China Post, leveraging its extensive postal and courier network. The solution offers reliable and cost effective parcel delivery service at source of manufacturers - China to global consumers with single entry point.


î Why PostSmart?


   Safe.  Enclosed postal truck from China warehouse to airport, direct flight to destination,less touch point.


   Fast. EDI pre-clearance before landing. Indicative end-to-end transit time in 4-8 business days.


   Saving. Affordable cost for reliable service, big saving on shipping cost.


   Local Look. Local postal/courier label which gives your customer more confidence.


   Visibility. Track your packages from dispatch to arrival.


   Value-added Services. Scaleable valued-added services such as warehousing and fulfillment, seasonal campaign

  fulfillment, quality check, repacking, labeling, PDQ assembling, letter-shop, bulk printing, bulk delivery and return

  management, etc.


î  Service Coverage


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