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    Sai Cheng Reps Exchange with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
2017/8/3  Clicks:56  
Sai Cheng Reps Exchange with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Recently, Sai Cheng Logistics International Co., Ltd (hereinafter refers to as “Sai Cheng Logistics International”) was invited to attend the business exchange activity organized by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and shared in depth one-stop import and export solutions, policies updates and case studies with New Zealand business delegates.
Charlie Yin and Chico Hu from Supply Chain Department of Sai Cheng Logistics International addressed the guests on behalf of the company. They introduced Sai Cheng’s one-stop import and export supply chain solutions, service features and e-commerce platforms and in addition analyzed and shared with the group key industry features and policy changes for food, healthcare and cosmetics categories and some common mistakes that made by overseas exporters in particular. The New Zealand delegates showed great interests in Sai Cheng’s business models and solutions and had active interaction and discussions with Sai Cheng representatives during the presentation

Chico Hu addresses New Zealand delegates.

New Zealand delegates during the presentation.

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