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    Gome Australia and Sai Cheng Logistics International Inks Agreement in Melbourne
2016/7/28  Clicks:82  
On 15th July, 2016,  Sai Cheng Logistics International and Gome Australia officially signed the Strategic Cooperation Letter of  Intent and the service contract that Sai Cheng  provides warehousing and logistics services for the cross border e-commerce business to Gome.  Mr George Wang, CEO of Gome Australia (front right), and Mr Jim Marshall, Sai Cheng’s Director (front left) attended the signing ceremony.
Gome Australia is the second subsidiary of Gomehigo globally, which was established in Australia in the beginning of this year. All the listed Australia products on its site are run by Gome Australia itself by directly cooperating with manufacturers and larger retailers. Products are safe and quality guaranteed with more competitive prices by F2C (factory to customer) channel.
Sai Cheng Logistics International will offer Gome Australia port to warehouse services, bonded warehousing and series of value added services. It proves that Sai Cheng International’s professional services in e-commerce industries are gaining support and recognition from more well-known e-commerce enterprises and platforms.
Sai Cheng International is striving to contribute in improving Gome Australia Global network and enhancing its rapid and sound e-commerce development.

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