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    Alibaba Cooperates with Australia Post to Supply China Merchants with Superior Australia Goods
2015/10/19  Clicks:68  
Alibaba Cooperates with Australia Post to Supply China Merchants with Superior Australia Goods
Alibaba, the largest e-commerce wholesale platform, announced that they are cooperating with Australia Post to supply China merchants with Australia goods and offers an on-line transaction platform for Australia suppliers to export to and invest the China market in the meantime. is the leading B2B trading platform in China. It was established in 1999 and has become the third largest on-line transaction platform followed by Taobao and Tmall and the largest wholesale transaction platform global wide.
Australia Post has set up “Australia Pavilion” this time through to provide Chinese merchants with both new and brilliant Australia imported products with the best cost effectiveness on-line. It is estimated that the daily page views of Australia Pavilion would exceed 1.5 million after it being put online.
Liufei, deputy managing director of business division of Alibaba group, claimed: “Since 1688 .com has began its import business from 18th May of this year, pavilions or activities for particular countries such as Spain, Canada, Japan and Korea have been launched subsequently. There are already 45 types of first-class imported goods being wholesaled on-line. Australia possesses rich resources and high cost effective products, inclusive of some local specialities and branded products. The cooperation with Australia Post this time symbolizes the wholesaling of Australia products is entering China market comprehensively, which opens the door to Australia products for China merchants for importing.”
“As the first postal organization that reaches cooperation with, the cooperation this time will further enhance the original cooperation we have with Alibaba group. Australia Post is very glad to see that products of Australia brands could enter China market through , which gives Australia suppliers opportunities to show and sell Australia products.”General manager of global digital and e-commerce of Australia Post, Ben Franzi said:“ As the e-commerce partner of Alibaba, we are also very glad to supply China merchants with Australia products of good quality and high cost effectiveness through their trusted websites and channels.
It is learned that the first batch of Australia products will be on-line on 26th Oct and the products will be Australia wines. If you would like to know more, please
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