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    Press Release for e-Packet to Brazil
2015/7/29  Clicks:232  
The rapid development of eCommerce has made it the new game of the world. Many merchants are betting the future of internationalization on eCommerce. In recent years, selling into the overseas markets has proved to be fairly successful for many domestic manufacturers. In the meantime, logistics models have multiplied. The newly minted e-Packet service to Brazil is tailored to implement the national strategy of the one Belt and One Road.
Co-sponsored by Sai Cheng Logistics International, China Post Latin America Company, and Brazilian Sinostar and planned by, the news release of e-packet service to Brazil was held in Shanghai recently.
More than 100 enterprises were represented in the event including Shanghai Express and Logistics Company, Shanghai Sino and Brazil Exchange Center, Beijing Huihong International Logistics Company, etc.
The General Manager of Sai Cheng Logistics International introduced the new initiatives in cross border eCommerce and international ventures. He specifically reviewed the strength of Sai Cheng in the coastal free trade zones and bonded logistics parks. Sai Cheng employs its own dedicated staff in conducting both air and ocean freight forwarding in sync with warehousing operations and providing other value added services and supply chain solutions. Information technology support is one of its core competences.
Mr. Pedro Qiu, General Manager of China Post Latin America Company mainly elaborated on the Brazilian local market, the renowned 25th Street, overseas Chinese and their ventures in Brazil. In completing the full circle of the business, China Post Latin America is responsible for the destination Customs clearance and distribution. Mr. Qiu expressed his confidence in ensuring a safe and timely distribution of each e-Packet parcel in Brazil.
In his speech, Mr. Ruby Zhang, General Manager of Sinostar of Brazil expressed his belief that e-Packet to Brazil is the right product to the right market place. Together with the plentiful advantages that the product brings to the consumers and sellers, it will also help hatch out another initiative, the overseas warehouse, which will be announced later during the year.
Rain Wu, Manager of Sai Cheng Airfreight recounts in great detail of the process flow for handling outbound e-Packet parcels. The process introduction also included vendor managed inventory and consolidated parcels.
Lastly Tianan Insurance Company representative introduced about the settlement and payment process of relevant insurance claims.
After the press release, representatives from the various companies raised questions and exchanged their views on the e-Packet service and other issues of their interest. The general consensus on the postal product was positively acknowledged.
Many who attended the press release expressed their confidence that the e-Packet introduction not only publicized the new service but also enlightened the group about the general economic and cultural environment of Brazil, paving the way for future investment.
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