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    Sai Cheng in a bid to be part of the Belt and Road Initiative
2015/6/1  Clicks:30  
Sai Cheng management attended the meeting on the internationalization strategy chaired by Mr. Li Xiong, Vice President of China Post Group and Chairman of the Sai Cheng Board.
While commenting on the business development report by the Sai Cheng management, Mr. Li requests that Sai Cheng expand on the joint service to Australia. The Chairman also asked Sai Cheng to leverage on its strength in free trade zone operations, airfreight and ocean freight forwarding, as well as in import and export. In particular he detailed the areas that Sai Cheng could work together with other China Post Provincial companies for expansion. As the country is focuses on the Belt and Road strategy, Sai Cheng should formulate its expansion strategy accordingly.
The Chairman has also set the timetable for the major tasks assigned.
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